Facebook Ad Management

Do you want to run an advertising campaign on Facebook? If yes, then Solana Digital can provide you with a complete solution. We understand the importance of every single penny that you put in advertising and the result that you expect from it.

Our Facebook advertising management services can help different categories of businesses such as restaurants, lawyers, real estate, e-commerce, etc. to reach their business goals and reach out to target customers via this powerful social media platform.

Facebook is the most powerful social media in today’s times. If you want to reach out to millions of customers, you must use this affordable medium of advertising.

Almost 76% of Facebook users visit the website or app daily and spend around 50 minutes browsing this social networking platform. Over 5 million businesses and brands are already using Facebook to advertise their brand.

Our Facebook ads management services include:

User Persona and Targeting

We help businesses to create their buyer persona so that they can get target prospective customer of their product or service. Facebook ads are different than the Google adverts that are based on intentional search. We create targeted content that can get more clicks and visits to your website and FB page, thereby getting you more leads

Retargeting or Pixel Management

All users visiting your website might not get converted on the first go. So, we employ retargeting or pixel management technique on Facebook to convert your bounced back traffic. This includes promoting new offers and services to users that visited your website but did not make any order or action.

Ad Copy and Creatives

We write creative and catchy ad copies to attract targeted buyers and ensure that your products and services reach the intended users on Facebook. There are millions of users on Facebook, but we target relevant users who are interested in the products and services offering similar to yours.

A/B Testing

We make use of A/B Testing or split testing for Facebook ads. Along with adverts, we also employ split testing on landing pages, posts and email marketing. This method compares the result of one marketing strategy over another.

Monitoring and Optimization

It is essential to monitor and optimize the Facebook ad campaign to get good results from the adverts. Also, regular monitoring gives insights about the marketing strategies that work and those that do not work. We make use of the latest techniques for the monitoring and optimization of Facebook ads.

Reporting and Results

We understand the Facebook reporting tool and make use of it to provide a complete report and analysis of each campaign of Facebook ads. This helps our clients realize the benefits gained using this marketing tool and prepare future marketing budget and plan.

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